The Halving Report

Investigating Richard Heart, HEX, and PulseX w/ Tom Gillespie

January 27, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 57
The Halving Report
Investigating Richard Heart, HEX, and PulseX w/ Tom Gillespie
Show Notes

There are many people in the Bitcoin and crypto space who are scammed upon entry. It seems like people are naturally attracted to cheaper coins, with greater upside opportunity. A very popular altcoin  entitled 'HEX' has built a large community, and has seen very high returns on investment for its early adopters. The creator, Richard Heart, is one of the most controversial figures in crypto. Now, he is launching another project entitled PulseX. The project claims to have almost a billion dollars 'sacrificed' to it. 

On this episode, we interview Tom Gillespie, a disgruntled SCOOTERCOIN investor. Tom has taken aim at crypto scams through investigation and video documentary. When asked where to focus after his first documentary 'The FakeFluencer,' an overwhelming amount of people voted for his  investigation into HEX. On this episode, we seek truth on HEX, PulseX, and whether Richard Heart is legit, or on top of another high profile crypto scam. 


00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Who is Tom Gillespie?
04:45 - Recurring themes in crypto scams, ScooterCoin , & 'Bitman360'
12:18 - HEX, PulseX, and the community
16:36 - Why Richard Heart may be the most hated figure in Crypto
19:00 - Was Richard Heart influenced by the Bitcoin Cash fork?
19:50 - HEX marketing strategy effective
24:55 - Why HEX ranking was taken down from coinmarketcap and other websites
27:50 - How being scammed affected Tom's crypto philosophy
31:53 - The PulseX sacrifice, and interest around it
34:42 - 'Hexicans and the Time Value of Money' Documentary
39:04 - Is the religious sentiment behind HEX  any different than those of other cryptocurrencies?
44:00 - Nayib Bukele friction with the Legacy Power Structure
46:35 - What if a nation-state like the U.S. were to acquire 20% of the Bitcoin supply?
51:10 - The PulseX Launch
53:02 - What else Tom likes to do outside of investigating crypto scams
53:52 - Closing comments, outro
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