The Halving Report

New Digital Assets, OSC Approval, & International Expansion w/ Jordan Anderson of Bitbuy Canada

December 26, 2021 Season 1 Episode 56
The Halving Report
New Digital Assets, OSC Approval, & International Expansion w/ Jordan Anderson of Bitbuy Canada
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 56 of The Halving Report podcast!

There has been a lot of news to come out as of late from our favourite, and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange BitBuy. Jordan, The COO, was featured in episode 22 of The Halving Report, where dove deep into his history and the founding of Bitbuy.  Since, the price and market capitalization of Bitcoin and Crypto has increased exponentially. Bitbuy has continued to onboard new users in their mission to bring digital assets and this new frontier to the masses.


00:00 - Episode Intro
00:55 - Intro to Jordan Anderson & Bitbuy
03:23 - How users reacted to the addition 7 new digital assets
03:51 - Bitbuy becomes the first exchange to receive OSC approval
07:52 - Bitbuy purchases BITBUY DOT COM in one the largest domain purchases in Canadian history
09:28 - Is it possible to add coins like Monero or Zcash in a Canadian regulatory environment?
11:22 - Crypto marketing and how Bitbuy plans to target the Canadian market
13:40 - Is it ethical to onboard new users through altcoins?
16:06 - Bitbuy versus Wealthsimple, and the ability to withdraw cryptocurrency from exchanges
19:47 - Jordan's thoughts on the adoption of Bitcoin by El Salvador
21:06 - Canadian institutions cryptocurrency framework
24:03 - Bitcoin libertarians & social commentary  
25:20 - How Jordan takes part in the NFT space
27:18 - Where does Jordan see us in the current Bitcoin/crypto cycle?
31:12 - What do you do outside of crypto?
32:37 - Jordan's trip to Thailand
34:00 - Closing comments and outro
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