The Halving Report

The 'Walrus Whisperer' Phil Demers REVEALS his PASSION for BITCOIN!

December 11, 2021 Season 1 Episode 55
The Halving Report
The 'Walrus Whisperer' Phil Demers REVEALS his PASSION for BITCOIN!
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 55 of The Halving Report Podcast! There are 2 years,  and 123 days left until the next Bitcoin halving! The price of Bitcoin is 48 thousand US dollars at the time of this recording. Bitcoin hash rate has rebounded back to new all-time highs since the Chinese exodus.

In today's episode, we welcome the 'Walrus Whisperer' Phils Demers to the show. Phil started his career at Marineland training marine life for years before being forced to blow the whistle on the iconic amusement park for animal abuse.  Phil was most notably on the Joe Rogan podcast 5 times, casting light on his struggle and fighting back against Marineland's $1.5 million SLAPP suit for plotting to steal Smooshi the Walrus.
What many do not know, is that Phil is a BIG TIME Bitcoiner! Today we get to talk about everything Bitcoin with the guy Marineland wishes they never messed with.

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00:00  - Intro
02:01 - Who is Phil Demers?
05:30 - Helping pass Bill S-203 Ban of Marine Animals in Canada
07:21 - Attempts to Kill Bill S-203
09:09 - Current Status of Phils Struggle with Marineland
11:19 - Why don't people know Phil is a Bitcoiner?
13:57 - The relationship between Bitcoin and Whistleblowing
15:28 - Who Phil has spoken to in the space, and what he's learned
17:50 - Joe Rogan & Podcasting Experiences
23:54 - Bitcoin as a form of Hope
29:57 - How much of a "Bitcoin MAXI" is Phil?
33:20 - Bitcoin versus Altcoins
36:15 - The future for Bitcoin
39:00 - Can there be a better version of Bitcoin and/or Ethereum?
45:03 - Whales Saving Whales' Decentralized Crowd Funding Concept
57:05 - Bitcoin going into Q4, 2022, and Beyond
1:03:21 - What animal would Phil choose to be?
1:06:27 - Twitter post Jack Dorsey
1:08:27 - What's next for Phil Demers?
01:10:39 - Other resources to support Phil Demers and Animal Activism
01:12:39 - Where to follow Phil Demers and Closing Remarks

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