The Halving Report

Bitcoin Cash, Privacy, Philosophy & Travel w/ "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver

March 20, 2021 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 46
The Halving Report
Bitcoin Cash, Privacy, Philosophy & Travel w/ "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 46 of The Halving Report! 

Bitcoin has experienced its 3rd block reward halving on May 11th 2020, and we’ve been experiencing an explosion of bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices ever since. There are still well over a 1000 days until we see Bitcoin halve again sometime in 2024. As of Saturday March 20th, 1 bitcoin sells for about $60,000.00 USD, or approximately $74,000.00 CAD. 

We can’t overstate how important today’s guest has been to the development of Bitcoin through seeding the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Although he has been nicknamed "Bitcoin Jesus," he is more like "Bitcoin Johnny Appleseed," as he invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin and Bitcoin start-ups as early as 2011.

Roger Ver is the Founder and CEO of which was one of the largest ever website domain purchases in history. Roger is a Bitcoin OG that now promotes Bitcoin Cash to accommodate the fast, low fee user experience Bitcoin once offered on its base layer. His modern narrative of Bitcoin, the very first and most popular cryptocurrency, combined with his OG status make him a controversial figure to say the least. 

Some of the things we ask him about include:

- Roger's Proudest Achievements
- Living the "Nomad Capitalist" life
- The Most Crypto Friendly Nations
- How Bitcoin undermines War   
- How Bitcoin Cash was started
- Bitcoin Narrative Censorship 
- Best Critique of Bitcoin Cash

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