The Halving Report

Bitcoiner and Street Performer Spandy Andy

March 14, 2021 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 45
The Halving Report
Bitcoiner and Street Performer Spandy Andy
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 45 of The Halving Report!

Bitcoin and Crypto prices having been on fire all weekend as Bitcoin continued to reach new all-time highs beyond $60,000.00 USD. Many believe this bull market is just heating up - which means many newcomers into the space.

Today we welcome long-time Bitcoiner, street performer, and student of Andrea Antonopoulos Spandy Andy to the show. Andy has had real-life use cases for Bitcoin as he needed a way to store his wealth while visiting various countries performing. His passion for Bitcoin has developed into an obsession.

On this episode we ask Andy about:

- Becoming "Spandy Andy"
- Utilizing Bitcoin as a global currency
- Why he trusts BTC more than anything else
- NFTs and the recent digital art extravaganza
- Blockfi, lending services, the importance of cold storage
- Coinbase IPO, and more!

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