The Halving Report

The “Finance Data Science Guy"

February 09, 2021 Brad Mines
The Halving Report
The “Finance Data Science Guy"
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 42 of The Halving Report. There has never been a more exciting time in the Bitcoin space as Tesla revealed it's 1.5 billion dollar investment into Bitcoin.

Today we interview Nick McCullum who is currently the Director of Growth for Nick is a developer, a teacher, and an investor. On this episode we discuss:

- Nick's background and role with Passiv
- Passiv, and what they do for their clients
- Nick's python coding course and blogs
- ETFs, and their advantages over mutual funds
- Technology and the future of wealth management
- Passivs recent integration of Kraken crypto exchange

Follow Nick on Twitter: @NickJMcCullum
Check out his website:

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