The Halving Report

Tim Copeland of Decrypt Media

January 10, 2021 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 40
The Halving Report
Tim Copeland of Decrypt Media
Show Notes

Happy New Year and welcome to Episode 40 of The Halving Report!

The price of Bitcoin has nearly doubled since our last episode and some think that the bull market is in full affect. Today we return with another episode with special guest Tim Copeland. Tim is a UK Decrypt News Editor and has the privilege to be reading and writing about this space every single day. Decrypt Media has an all-star team that has quickly created a large base of users. There aren't very many topics Tim and his team haven't covered in the past two years.

On this episode we as Tim about many things including:

- Tim's background and role at Decrypt Media
- Bitcoin 2020 year in review
- Ripple and their lawsuit with the SEC
- Bitcoin versus altcoins
- Privacy coins and the delisting of Monero from Bittrex exchange
- Chinese Digital Yuan, Facebook's plans for a stable coin
- The threat of quantum computers on blockchain technology

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