The Halving Report

Out with the (G)old, In with the NEW! BTC eating GOLD ETFs.

November 08, 2020 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 36
The Halving Report
Out with the (G)old, In with the NEW! BTC eating GOLD ETFs.
Show Notes

Hey whats up everybody? Welcome to Episode 36 of The Halving Report with your host, Brad Mines.

The price of Bitcoin is about $15,500.00 US dollars, or $21,100.00 CDN dollars at the time of this recording. There is about 1275 days or 42 months until the 2024 halving. If you play your cards right, you can benefit from the current Bitcoin cycle and anticipated bull run.

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Recently, someone said to me that until Bitcoin is accepted by the government and institutions, they will continue to use
the current system. The article shows that it IS accepted by governments and institutions, and you just have to do a little more research.

IMO, due to the characteristics that make Bitcoin valuable, eventually all governments will accept cryptocurrencies. I also think getting into Bitcoin just a few years earlier can make all the difference in your life. Just think, if the stock-to-flow model is accurate, Bitcoin is said to go 10x every 4 years. How much inflation does the dollar see over 4 years? Can we ever actually know that true figure?
I think Jason Williams of Going Parobolic recent tweet said it best:
"If you don't have Bitcoin in your portfolio right now slap yourself."

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