The Halving Report

The Bitcoin Vegan Justin Rhedrick

October 12, 2020 Season 1 Episode 33
The Halving Report
The Bitcoin Vegan Justin Rhedrick
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 33 of The Halving Report!

On today's episode we host Justin Rhedrick, mindset development coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. Justin is the founder of: and you can follow him on Twitter @Bitcoin_Vegan or on Instagram @BitcoinVegan

Some of the topics we include on this episode include:

- The moment Justin first heard of Bitcoin with @BitcoinZay
- Common obstacles for new cryptocurrency users
- Veganism, personal growth and development
- Safety and caution in the Bitcoin space
- What separates Bitcoin from the legacy financial sector
- Biggest misunderstanding of Bitcoin
- Bitcoin versus altcoins
- Introduction into the Bitcoin Vegan course

"I don't really believe in diversifying a whole lot, especially when I know I have the winner." -Justin Rhedrick on Bitcoin

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