The Halving Report

Telemedicine Meets Crypto Economy w/'s @CharlesNader

May 17, 2020 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 28
The Halving Report
Telemedicine Meets Crypto Economy w/'s @CharlesNader
Show Notes

Welcome to episode 28 of The Halving Report!

On today's episode we sit down with Charles Nader, the CEO and Founder of telemedicine services company. DOC has been providing free basic healthcare all over the world since 2016 through video telemedicine-integrated with a crypto-economy.

In this episode we discuss:
- Charles first steps into the Bitcoin/Crypto space
- How utilizing the blockchain is superior to other telemedicine companies
- Medical Token Currency ($MTC) and it's role in DOCs crypto economy
- The Bitcoin Halving and what to expect out of it
-  Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, and the impact they made 

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