The Halving Report

The Launch of Ordinals & The Impact on Bitcoin w/ Curt Shilling

February 16, 2023 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 77
The Halving Report
The Launch of Ordinals & The Impact on Bitcoin w/ Curt Shilling
Show Notes

If you keep hearing about "Ordinals," you are not alone. Bitcoin Ordinals is a new protocol that allows users to inscribe data directly on the Bitcoin chain. This is the first time this has ever happened on Bitcoin's blockchain. People have been quick to copy popular digital art NFTs from the Ethereum chain over to Bitcoin as an ordinal. 

With the growing popularity of Ordinals, has come the influx of new users doing what it takes to partake in the niche. With that, comes strength and security as new full nodes join the network. Bitcoin's hash rate continues to hit all-time highs, and Ordinals are bringing in a new wave of adoption. Today's guest is a committed Bitcoiner pseudonymously known as "Curt Shilling" on Twitter. He is fascinated by Ordinals and is excited about the new wave of adoption. Come listen to how Ordinals are turning heads in the Bitcoin space! 

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01:00 - Ordinals 
06:25 - How to Partake
07:57 - Development Timeline
09:00 - Blockchain Fees
10:20 - Bitcoin Punks 
14:22 - Congestion
15:00 - Founder's Intent
19:37 - Pudgy Penguins 
21:35 - Who to Follow
24:18 - Fee Market
25:45 - Trivia

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