The Halving Report

A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin w Jason Maier

February 05, 2023 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 76
The Halving Report
A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin w Jason Maier
Show Notes

NTFs on the Bitcoin blockchain is on the rise. Millions of dollars worth of crypto pour into Turkey for aid relief after devastating earthquakes. The FTX collapse continues to unfold, as we await Sam Bankman Fried's trial, scheduled for October 2023. All the while, the number of bitcoin blocks left until the next halving continues to decrease approximately every 10 minutes.

On today's episode, we speak to American Math Teacher Jason Maier. Jason has come to the realization there is a gap in Bitcoin education from the perspective of a liberal, a progressive, or a leftist-minded person. Jason is currently working on a book entitled "A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin," with a foreword written by Peter McCormack. Jason is extremely eloquent and offers a different perspective from the usual Bitcoin anarchist.

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02:00 - Progressivism & Bitcoin
08:28 - Addressing leftist concerns
10:55 - Experience w Peter McCormack & Appearing on 'What Bitcoin Did" Podcast
14:30 - 'A Progressive Case For Bitcoin' Book 
19:55 - How to Approach Bitcoin w/ Teenagers 
23:55 - Battling Crypto Trends
24:41- Faculty Advisor of the "Crypto Club"
26:12 - Scarcity & The Halving
29:28 - Cold Storage

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