The Halving Report

Stay Humble and Stack Sats w/ Shaun Somers

July 05, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 66
The Halving Report
Stay Humble and Stack Sats w/ Shaun Somers
Show Notes

Many companies in the sector are laying off employees, but a few strong companies continue the expand during this market downturn. With so many tokens seeing most of its value wither away, and many popular third parties facing liquidity crisis - many Bitcoiners are urging folks to withdraw from exchanges. A lot is happening in the world of blockchain, but in the world of Bitcoin, long term hodlers continue to do the same thing - stack sats.

Today we have Shaun Somers on the show - a Niagara Region local and major Bitcoin enthusiast who has been orange pilling the community. 

Follow him on Twitter: @shaunsomers


00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Niagara’s Shaun Somers
02:26 - Discovering Bitcoin
04:58 - Bear Market
05:55 - Iron Bank & Infinite Bank
08:10 - Separation of Money and the State
10:20 - Government Overreach versus Corporate Greed 
12:18 - Bitcoin Maxi 
13:12 - Purism and Lending Platforms
15:10 - NFTs, alternative tokens, collectibles
16:25 - Bitcoin in Niagara Region 
17:35 - Pierre Poilievre 
19:55 - Bitcoin Performance
21:39 - Bitcoin Resources 
23:32 - Hobbies
24:53 - Final Word 
27:24 - Blockclock
30:20 - Outro

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