The Halving Report

Every Bit of Data w/ Joe Vezzani, CEO/Founder of Social Intelligence Firm 'Lunar Crush.'

May 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 65
The Halving Report
Every Bit of Data w/ Joe Vezzani, CEO/Founder of Social Intelligence Firm 'Lunar Crush.'
Show Notes

Bitcoin continues to trickle around the $30,000 USD mark. It seems as though we are in a full-blown bear market. Many of you may have expected even more gains out of this cycle, and we are seeing many NFTs and cryptocurrencies wither into nothing. However, long-term dollar-cost averaging Bitcoiners have been extremely fortunate. We encourage you to learn from those who have been around the space for a long time. Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Community many be the most important metric in the world of cryptocurrency. Living in the 21st century has brought upon more data than the average person can physically process. Todays' guest is the CEO of, a company that collects social and market activity for thousands of cryptocurrencies and distills it into actionable intelligence. Joe Vezzani and his team bring millions of data points across the media, social, and exchanges to a central location for simpler analysis. 


00:00 - Intro
01:33 - Joe Vezzani, & Lunar Crush
04:18 - Joe's life before Bitcon
07:30 - Fundamentals & Community
10:54 - Bear Market Metrics
12:50 - BTC Performance
16:36 - Deploring Double-Spend Tech
22:09 - This Cycle Adoption
24:55 - Changing #1 Market Cap
26:37 - Lunar Crush into the Future
30:25 - Joe's Hobbies
31:05 - Fav Books n' Podcasts
32:40 - Closing Comments

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