The Halving Report

Unapologetic Bitcoin Maximalism w/ "Taco Pleb Psychopath" Nico @Bitvolt7

May 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 64
The Halving Report
Unapologetic Bitcoin Maximalism w/ "Taco Pleb Psychopath" Nico @Bitvolt7
Show Notes

Markets cannot seem to recover, and metrics show that many people are still very fearful of what may be yet to come.  But remember, Bitcoin was as low as $3800 USD of March 2020, and just two years later - the new lows  are exponentially higher. Continue to zoom out, and realize the bigger picture.

Time in the market > Timing the market 

They say Bitcoin Maximalists are born during  bear markets, and today’s guest is not
 shy to tell you if you are holding a bag of “shitcoins.” It takes a long time to gain respect in the Bitcoin community, but Nico ZM has amassed quite the follow as he hosts popular Bitcoin show “Simply Bitcoin.” Tune into to hear one of the most eloquent descriptions of the inner workings of Bitcoin we have ever heard, and everything else going on the world of BTC.

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Nico & Simply Bitcoin TV
02:04 - Before Bitcoin
02:37 - Cousin from Venezuela 
03:20 - Taco Pleb Criteria 
05:20 - Twitter Doom
08:15 - BTC vs. Alt-coins
11:20 - Satoshi's Re-appearance
12:19 - Feature not a Bug 
13:00 - Price Underperformance
18:20 - Rogue Nations
19:45 - Run a Node
21:55 - Lightning Bar Tab
24:55 - EARLY Prediction
26:30 - Attacking Bitcoin
29:00 - Alt-coin Phase
29:55 - Favourite Outlets
33:10 - Earn Your Stripes
33:45 - SimplyBitcoinTv

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