The Halving Report

Bear Market Building, Nation-State Stacking, and Bitcoin Jobs w/ Bitcoin Magazine's Eric Podwojski

May 15, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 63
The Halving Report
Bear Market Building, Nation-State Stacking, and Bitcoin Jobs w/ Bitcoin Magazine's Eric Podwojski
Show Notes

There is a high degree of panic and fear in Bitcoin, crypto, and markets everywhere.  Banks are raising interest rates, and increasing the cost of borrowing money. Geopolitical tension is high, and the oil supply has risen the cost of gasoline. 

However, there is opportunity for those who love to build and dollar cost average into Bitcoin. Today we interview someone who is taking full advantage of these markets by doing just that. Eric Podwojski works as an Account Manager for Bitcoin Magazine - one of the original news and print magazine publishers covering Bitcoin and digital currencies, co-founded by Etheruem’s Vitalik Buterin. Eric has shown his proof-of-work in this space by launching his own indispensable Bitcoin education company

Follow Eric on Twitter: @epodrulz


00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Eric Podwojski in the Bitcoin community
02:00 - Eric's background before being orange pilled 
03:34 - Running marathons and staying fit
04:53 - Catalyst for recent Bitcoin downturn
07:45 - The biggest misconception about Bitcoin
08:25 - The next catalyst to bring in hyperbitcoinization 
10:10 - Thoughts around the Canadian Trucker Convoy and their use of Bitcoin
13:15 - What does the separation of money and the state mean to humanity? 
15:28 - Hyperbitcoinization through nation-state adoption
16:13 - Bitcoiner jobs 
17:40 - Hurdles to entering the Bitcoin space
19:10 - Where to go to learn, favourite books and podcasts 
20:45 - Blocksize wars, and collecting Bitcoin books 
23:00 - Elon musk buying Twitter, and how to improve the platform 
25:17 - The biggest thing to happen to Bitcoin this past cycle
26:15 - The Lightning Network, Cash App, Blue Wallet
28:22 - Storing your Bitcoin, Custodial Services and Private Keys 
30:13 - Eric's other hobbies outside Bitcoin
30:57 - Getting a Bitcoin job, words of wisdom, and where to follow Eric Podwojski

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