The Halving Report

Monerotopia, Neel Capital & The Macro Cycle w/ Nam Sardar

April 16, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 62
The Halving Report
Monerotopia, Neel Capital & The Macro Cycle w/ Nam Sardar
Show Notes

While short-term traders may be unimpressed by the price of Bitcoin, long-term HODLers continue to do what they do best - find ways to stack sats! There was a lot of hype around Bitcoin Miami, but alongside was the first ever Monerotopia Conference. Monero is that coin Maxis choose if they had a gun to their head, and were forced to use a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. It is mostly known for its' privacy and decentralized CPU mining.

Macro Analyst Nam Sardar is back on the show for the second time after about a year (refer back to E48). Nam recently returned home, after travelling to Miami FL to give a speech at the Monerotopia Conference. Furthermore, she has launched Crypto Asset Investment Firm 'Neel Capital.' On today's episode we recap the Monerotopia event, the past year of macro market movements, as well as many other contemporary crypto topics (see timestamps below). Be sure to listen all the way to the end and subscribe to the show!

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00:00 - Intro to Episode 62
01:03 - Reflecting on Monerotopia in Miami, FL 
08:10 - Neel Capital and their Investment Strategy 
10:42 -, CRO, and Staking 
15:37 - Quadriga, and the Bitcoin Widow
18:10 - Realizing Macro Cycles around the Bitcoin Halving 
21:02 - Origin of the name "Neel" Capital
26:46 - Canada, Tahini's, Pierre Poilievre
30:11 - Cause of Inflation 
35:20 - Bitcoin and Crypto adoption over the past 12 months 
42:48 - Halving Report/Bitfi Partnership, & Hardware Wallets
45:19 - Monero privacy and decentralization
48:14 - Experience with Lightning Network
50:50 - Bitcoin as Digital Gold
52:16 - Global Economics, & the Income Disparity Gap
1:02:15 - Price Predictions for Bitcoin & Monero 
1:04:37 - Reading Recommendations
1:10:25 - Finals Words of Wisdom from Nam Sardar

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