The Halving Report

Better Than Gold w/ Tahini's Aly Hamam

April 03, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 61
The Halving Report
Better Than Gold w/ Tahini's Aly Hamam
Show Notes

What started as a small Mediterranean restaurant, is now expanding to over a dozen locations all over Ontario. In 2020, Tahini's restaurant converted it's cash reserves into Bitcoin, and continues to chant the Bitcoin mantra after seeing a massive ROI. They've gained notoriety from the Bitcoin community and has even got the attention of Michael Saylor when he changed his profile picture to include a Tahini's hat.

Last Monday, March 28th, Conservative MP and potential Federal Party leader Pierre Poilievre attended a Bitcoin meetup at a Tahini's London Ontario as part of his announcement to make Canada a leader in the blockchain space. Poilievre and Aly Hamam (founder of Tahini's) sat down over Shisha to discuss the revolutionary impact of Bitcoin. On this episode, we sit down with Aly to further discuss his story and philosophy, while recounting the events with Pierre Poilievre.


00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Background of Aly, his family, and the coming of Tahini's Restaurant
02:29 - BTMs in Tahini's Restaurants
04:54 - Expanding Tahini Restaurant during Covid-19
06:12 - How Tahini's stores their Bitcoin
06:36 - Pierre Poilievre and the Bitcoin meetup at Tahini's
10:23 - Would Pierre approach crypto legislation differently in Canada?
12:50 - Thoughts on inflation, money printing, and free market principles
15:25 - Aly's thoughts on politics and voting
16:19 - Altcoins and their role in the market
18:31 - Community support when Tahini's announced Bitcoin reserves
20:57 - Tahini's Bitcoin Merchandise
24:51 - Favourite Bitcoin Books
26:07 - Aly's Hobbies
27:00 - Final comments, where to follow Tahini's
27:52 - Outro

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