The Halving Report

Connecting the World through Blockchain w/ Anna Tutova, CEO of Coinstelegram

February 12, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 59
The Halving Report
Connecting the World through Blockchain w/ Anna Tutova, CEO of Coinstelegram
Show Notes

Although we like to focus on "blue-chip" cryptocurrencies here on The Halving Report, it's smart to keep up with the trends in this fast-moving space. The most revolutionary products are typically built with the newest technologies. Just as the Internet made Bitcoin possible, blockchains will help build the next wave of revolutionary products and services.

Anna Tutova is the CEO of Coinstelegram, and has interviewed countless leaders in the world of blockchain. She is a co-host of ‘White Crypto’ YouTube and has been featured in CNBC Arabia, Forbes Middle East, Gulf News, Nasdaq, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin News, Finance Magnates, and Hackernoon. Anna has demonstrated a deep comprehension for blockchain integration, and today we probe her on her experiences, knowledge and state of the current market.

Follow Anna Tutova:
Twitter: @anna_tutova
Instagram: @an_t73


00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Anna's role in the cryptocurrency space
04:50 - What sparked Anna's interest in blockchain technology
06:40 - The founding of 'Coinstelegram' and main focuses
10:10 - Conducting interviews with the biggest names in crypto
13:25 - Biggest lessons learned working in the crypto space
15:21 - Where we are in the current cycle, & predictions for 2022
19:59 - Anna's favourite coins & projects
22:54 - Bitfinex seizure, & government ability to track blockchain
24:13 - Anna's other hobbys outside of crypto
24:55 - Anna's experiences & Bitcoin integration in El Salvador
29:08 - Where to follow Anna Tutova
29:40 - Outro

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