The Halving Report

Decrypting The John McAfee Tapes w/ Mark Eglinton

February 10, 2022 Brad Mines Season 1 Episode 58
The Halving Report
Decrypting The John McAfee Tapes w/ Mark Eglinton
Show Notes

Whether you love or hate him, there is no denying the legendary status of John McAfee. McAfee made an imprint on computer antivirus software that will be recorded in the history books. He was seen as a legend by many coders and in the hacker community. In 2017, McAfee famously stated that he would eat his own d**k, if Bitcoin did not reach 1 million dollars by the end of 2020. He may not have pumped Bitcoin to 1M, but almost every other coin he mentioned back in those days skyrocketed in value. 

In his last few years before his passing, McAfee was secretly working on an autobiography with a ghost writer: Mark Eglinton. Mark had countless intimate conversations detailing  highlights of McAfee's life told by the man himself. After the passing of McAfee, Mark became the person everyone looked to for answers. He may not have all of them, but he may be the closest we'll ever get.

“ No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes” out now


00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Mark Eglinton's Background
02:56 - The Risk Working with John McAfee
04:14 - The Secrecy behind the Autobiography
05:22 - How McAfee caught Mark's eye as a writer
08:48 - Publishing a Book w/ McAfee's insistence of only using cryptocurrency
16:10 - What McAfee saw in Mark as his ghost writer
20:45 - The Houses & Structures McAfee built all over the world
23:33 - The controversial conversation around McAfee's offspring
26:38 - The DMS (Dead Man's Switch)
28:44 - Conspiracies immediately following McAfee's death
35:42 - Inspiration behind 'NO DOMAIN's Book Cover and Illustrator (TW: @money_alotta)
39:09 - Bringing crypto to books and publishing
41:43 - Mark's new projects and entrance into a new genre
43:15 - Closing remarks, Follow Mark Eglinton, & Outro

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